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Thinking of moving to the vibrant Byward Market in Ottawa?   Here’s a quick list of why the Byward Market is one of the best neighborhoods in the city for restaurants, retail therapy/shopping, nightlife, social events, tourism, and so much more!   Here are my top 5 reasons why you’ll love the lifestyle over here:


1.  Tourism & Events:

Shaw Center   –  Catch all the fancy events from exotic car shows, to the famous Wine and Food Festival!

Chateau Laurier   –   Right in the heart of the Byward Market, the Chateau Laurier is one of the best, luxury hotels in Canada.

Andaz Hotel   –   The trendiest, and nicest hotel to hit the Byward Market, the Andaz is first of it’s kind in North America.  And you have to go for a drink at the rooftop terrace & bar; the view is spectacular!

Canada Day   –   If you haven’t been downtown Ottawa on Canada Day, then drop everything and go this year.   It’s a few hundred thousand people lining the streets to watch fireworks, check out live music, live street performers, outdoor patio parties, and do everything else you can imagine with this many people packed into the downtown of a major city.  It’s something you have to experience to understand :)

2.  Restaurants & Patios:

– Clarence St   –   If you’re in the Byward Market in the summer, this is THE patio strip.  From Warehouse, to Cornerstone, to the rooftop at Atari, Clarence Street has some excellent patios that are perfect for people watching and enjoying a cold beverage.

– Sussex St  –  Known for a bit more high-end restaurants and heritage buildings, Sussex offers a few great options such as Social, Moscow, and the Black Tomato.

– York St  –   In the very heart of the Byward Market, York street has a variety of great places to eat.   Lowertown Brewery, The Brig, Eighteen, and the Sens House are just a few of the excellent places to visit on York.

– George St  –  Another prime strip in the market, George Street has a scattering of fun places such as the Grand Pizzeria, La Bottega, and the Aulde Dubliner.

– – Restaurants & Cafes  –   The Byward Market is overflowing with incredible restaurants such as;  Mezzanotte, Social, Ace Mercado,  Side Door, & many more).   Or hang out and socialize at one of the hip, local cafes: Planet Coffee,  Oh So Good, La Bottega (the best sandwiches anywhere.  And they also offer cooking classes!)

3.   Rideau Centre :

– Ottawa’s biggest, best shopping centre.   If you want the best in retail and clothing in Ottawa, visit the Rideau Centre.

4.  The People:

–  The Byward Market really is the hub for cool, local young professionals, tourists, and those interested in Ottawa’s vibrant social scene and nightlife scene.   You’re always bound to run into someone you know, and find cool people sipping cocktails on patios, or bar hopping on a Saturday night.   Above all, it’s the people that make any place great, and the Byward Market is where many outgoing individuals go to have a good time.

5.   The Ottawa River and the scenic views:

– Some of the best vistas in the city can be found in Major’s hill park (beautiful greenspace, perfect for watching the sunsets), or the canal locks (a very cool piece of Ottawa history), or from the steel Alexandra bridge.   This area fronts on a beautiful section of the Ottawa river, with some incredible landscapes including the Parliament Buildings sitting atop a wide section of the river.   A

And how could we forget the incredible architecture of the national Art Gallery.   Another excellent attraction for anyone visiting or residing in the Byward Market.

I could keep going about all of the great attractions of this lively neighborhood, but I recommend coming down here to experience it for yourself.   See you on a patio!


– Chris Steeves – Byward Market Realtor





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