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One of the most frustrating things for both a home seller and their realtor, is when the home takes forever to sell.    If the market is steady, and the buyers are out there, then why is your home not selling?

Here’s the ‘Chris Steeves‘ answer to how to get your home sold quicker and for more money  🙂   


  • It’s really this simple.   No one likes a dark, dirty, cluttered, closed in living space.   Unless you’re a rat, which you’re not. 

  • Clean all the clutter out.  Yes, ALL OF IT.  Make it look like no one has ever lived there (okay, maybe not that extreme, but you get it).    You don’t like looking at someone else’s mess, and they don’t like looking at yours.

  • Stage the remaining furniture to make it look and feel open and as spacious as possible.   Get feng shui in there.   Give it some flow.

  • BRIGHTEN THE LIVING SPACES.    Open all curtains, blinds, etc, and let that natural light in.   Do I really need to say this?   I’m blown away at how many people live in these dark, gloomy spaces and they wonder why they’re not happy.   We’re not vampires.   And house-builders, quit building condos & houses with small windows.  We know windows are where you like to cheap out on spending, but someone has to live in that space.   Big, bright windows to maximize sunlight and the view.  PLEASE.

  • Clean the house.   We’re not vampires, and we’re not pigs either.   We like our homes clean, and don’t want to see someone else’s mess.    Hire a cleaner, do what you gotta do, and get the house shining from top to bottom.

  • Open living spaces.   No one likes the closed-in layouts that are dark and unfunctional.   Open it up wherever possible; it looks bigger and feels bigger and more spacious, which in turn means more relaxing and comfortable.   Buyers today want it ALL open concept.   That’s not debatable.  Quit with the awkward layouts that aren’t conducive to traffic flow.   We want adjustable layouts that cater to any type of layout and furnishings.   If the builders built an empty box that would almost be better than some of the garbage I’ve been seeing out there.

  • Bottom line, when your home looks beautiful, bright, open, and inviting, then people will want to buy it and they will want to live there.   And that’s the goal (clearly).


  • First and foremost, TAKE HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOS that make your listing look wayyyy better than it really is.   Very bright and colourful photos of every angle of every room, and most importantly the land and yards.   I can’t say how many times I’ve seen terrible, dark, blurry photos of the inside of house, and they don’t even show the backyard, front yard, or side yard, or garage.   It’s mind-numbing.   If you want to attract buyers, make your listing look beautiful and attractive.

  • Virtual tours.   If the house/condo is large and complex, you will probably want a video tour or something to allow viewers to walk-through the home online.   This is nothing new.  You want someone to get in their car and drive across the city to see your million dollar house, then at least let them see what they’re getting into.   You can save everyone a lot of hassle by properly displaying it online, so the buyers that do come and see it will be prepped, ready, and serious about the house.   This is called convenience and time-efficiency, and the buyers will appreciate this.   

  • Maximum exposure.   Get this listing out there every way possible.  Every website you can (there are tons of them that will host your listing), social media, print ads, yard signs and street signs, and anywhere else you can get it front of eyeballs.  You never know where your buyer will come from.


  • In today’s world, everyone’s PRICE CONSCIOUS (unless you were born with endless money, which many of us weren’t, unfortunately).   No one wants to overpay for something, and everyone wants to feel like they’re being wise with their money.   Pricing properly involves a very thorough understanding of your current real estate market, your competition, the neighborhood sales data, and current market demand.   PRICE IT RIGHT AND IT WILL SELL.   Over price it and you’ll be sitting there while all the other listings around you sell.   Under pricing can lead to either a bidding war, which is great, or potentially leaving money on the table that could’ve been in your pocket (hint; you don’t want that).

  • Consult with a local market expert on this one.   Proper pricing can be extremely difficult, and requires an expert.


  • No one wants to go through the sale process to have the buyers back out last minute.   Screen the buyers to make sure they’re serious, able to make a purchase, qualify for their financing, and are not going to freak out after the building inspection (every home has a few imperfections, get ready to deal with it, buyers).   

  • Negotiate based on the market conditions and buyer situation.   Greed often will bite you in the ass.   As a seller, you have to eventually reach a selling price.   You can’t push the buyers forever, or you will lose them.  Negotiate fairly and respectfully, and know your property’s worth.   It can be an emotional ride, so get ready, and listen to your agent as they know what they’re doing  😉

That’s it.   Not overly complicated, but it can be quite a process with tons of work and many difficult decisions involved.    Consult your local professional to find out the best way to maximize your property sale price and get your home sold quickly.


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