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LEBRETON FLATS – Back to the Drawing Board


The last efforts to negotiate the current bid on Lebreton Flats, have now officially died.   Eugene Melnyk of the Ottawa Senators, and Jon Ruddy of Trinity Developments, have not resolved their legal battle, and did not arrange an agreeable deal with the city.

Staying optimistic, I will say that I had always preferred DevCore‘s proposal for Lebreton.  It appeared to provide more amenities for the public, and had  more visually appealing architecture and design (in my opinion).   Will the city of Ottawa go back to Andre Desmarais and Guy Laliberte of DevCore, and negotiate a new deal?    Will Melnyk take his Senators to a new location, or new city even?   

While it’s a bit early to say what will happen next, I for one, would love to see something happen ASAP over at Lebreton.   Hopefully it will involve a beautiful new hockey stadium, an attractive mix of residential condos, commercial retail shops, an outdoor entertainment theatre, some sporting activity centers, and well-designed public green space.     There has got to be a way to move this thing in a positive direction and bring something extremely exciting to the downtown of Ottawa.

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