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It’s no secret that the new LRT line in Ottawa, is going to be a game-changer.

For those who plan to buy this year, especially investment properties, it’s time you shift your focus towards the upcoming Phase 2 of Ottawa’s LRT line.    I say this because I know there will be many people out there who will look back later and say, “we should’ve bought more properties back when…”.

This exciting and efficient transit line is going to help level the playing field for many neighborhoods as they become more accessible city-wide.  All neighborhoods surrounding a future rail station, will go up in value, and that’s not up for debate.   From these rail stations, you will be able to go from Orleans (Trim Road) to Downtown to the airport to Algonquin College to Bayshore and all the way south to Bowesville.  Yep, this is going to be absolutely HUGE for this city.  The fact that we’re going to be able to get to the airport by rail is in itself, a huge reason to get excited (no more $40 taxi ride to the airport! :-))
Check out the map here:  STAGE 2 LRT MAP

While there are many, many other factors to consider with regards to buying in the best areas of Ottawa, this new rail line will certainly be one of the key developments to take advantage of.   The time to start planning is now.  The opportunities will not be getting cheaper later on.  The city is changing, and all we have to do to capitalize on it, is be proactive.   There is a tremendous amount of opportunity in this city, as we grow towards an international major city.   And yes, there will be more and more foreign money coming into this city.

Follow this link for more on the LRT Phase 2 in Ottawa.

 There you have it.   Is it a great time to buy real estate in Ottawa?  Definitely.   But you still need to be very careful what you’re buying, and where you’re buying it.   Contact me, Chris Steeves, to find out all of the ins and outs of real estate in this great city!


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