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Ottawa is moving a lot quicker than we may have anticipated.  With a ton of new developments and big plans for our future, this city is on its way to booming in many ways.

For those who don’t like change, you may want to stop reading now.  The landscape of this city is set for big changes in how it gets around, with transit being a major focus (yes, this means the LRT system and how that will affect where we live).   Oh, and let’s not forget the huge push for bicycle friendly streets, and expanding bike lanes (Yes, this is also a very questionable initiative.  Who bikes in the snow-covered winter months?).  Also, the housing plans are rapidly shifting towards smaller living spaces (ie, condos & apartments).  The mix of commercial business and residential homes will be shifting towards shorter commutes for all.

All in all, their are a ton of very cool and progressive plans moving forward for Ottawa.   To name a few:

Lebreton Flats – Going to be a huge redevelopment downtown.

Zibi – Another huge mixed-use development downtown

Tunney’s Pasture – Yet another large-scale development just west of downtown (the home of the new civic hospital development?)

Wateridge Village – Major development of the old aviation lands next to Rockcliffe (largest land development in the history of Ottawa?)

LRT Lines – Phase 1, 2, & 3 will change the landscape of the entire city

Mall Redevelopment – Lincoln Fields, Westgate, Elmvale, and more.  These malls will see major redevelopment, with highrise mixed-use buildings in many areas

And how could we not mention the ever-ridiculous situation of the transport traffic through downtown (c’mon city of Ottawa).  Will we finally see a new bridge built to Gatineau in the next decade??

For an extensive and comprehensive look at what the future of Ottawa holds in store, check out this article by the Ottawa Citizen.

One thing is for sure, the city is now changing at a very rapid pace, and it will be exciting to see how it all unfolds.


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