TOWNHOMES IN OTTAWA – Let’s break down the numbers:

We probably all know a few people who have bought townhomes and have done very well off their investment.  But the question is, are these investments smart and do they cashflow?   When the market is soft (like it is right now), it’s important to have something that has positive cashflow to get you through these down times.   If you’re losing money every month, and the property is decreasing in value, then what was the benefit of buying it??   

The truth of the matter is that VERY FEW of these townhomes will actually generate positive cashflow, especially in Ottawa (unless you bought it many years ago when prices and interest rates were a lot lower).    Check out my latest vlog video where I do a deeper dive into the numbers on a typical Ottawa townhome as an investment.    You’ll be surprised at what the returns are (or aren’t, in most cases)


I welcome all questions and feedback.   Let me know if you’re looking at a property to analyze.


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